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I’m Klaudia Antonina. My first name is after a 15 years old gypsy girl who was having a baby in the same time as my mum was having me. They were waiting in the same room for delivery. Apparently my mum thought this name will be perfect for me since the girl was ” sooo beautiful” πŸ˜‰ My second name is after my grandfather and great grandfather- Antoni. I bet it was a compromise with my dad since he wanted me to have Antonina as a first name…

I moved from small Polish town- Teresin to Vienna. I started the blog because I became more confident in the big city and no one would judge me here LOL. But also because I love clothes and pretty pictures. I used to spend hours on pinterest and facebook looking at pics and get inspired.

I am also a make up freak. It started when my best friend’s cousin was learning makeup in school and was training on my Bestie or me and was telling us makeup tricks. We were around 15 years old so its usually time when girls get really into makeup and fashion. But actually when I am thinking about me and my best friend… We got interested in make up much earlier! xD When we were around 7 years old we were ”borrowing” makeup supplies from her older sister and hiding in the bushes and doing our makeups. My mum was always getting angry when I was coming back with makeup on and her sister was upset too… xD

What else? hmm.. I like doing hair updos. There was time back in Poland when a lot of my friends were coming to me for wedding or party updos. Even one of my best friend forced me to do her wedding updo. It was very stressful day! But I must say that her hair looked pretty good. πŸ˜€

Lately I do hair and makeup for Caro from Lyne Photography and models who she is working with. And I must tell you guys I enjoy it so much! I am even thinking to take some makeup courses. (If you know any good ones here in Vienna or maybe in Krakow Poland please share with me :D) Caro also takes pics for my blog πŸ˜€

Not long time ago I became a jumping fitness instructor. And now I am sure I ll go in to fitness, aerobic direction. :))

Always feel free to coment!


Klaudia Antonina πŸ˜€

Ps. Since English is my second language I make a lot of mistakes so please forgive me.. 😦 ❀

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  1. Steffi · September 7, 2015

    Dear Klaudia,
    we love your blog and want to nominate you for one of the Liebster Award of best new coming blogs! Please read all our infos on our blog.
    LG Mary & Steffi



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